The long-awaited contest fair of JA Student Company and JA Skills for the Future Company of the Year took place on Thursday, April 14. Traditionally, our student company participated in the fair. We were represented by the members of our presentation team in the following composition: Petr Červenka, president of the company, Tomáš Vojkůvka, marketing director, Marek Tlolka, production director, Markéta Makarová, personal director, Adam Václav Bajger, technician and developer and Marek Ferianc, our conductor.

41 companies attended the fair in total and most of them also participated in the JA Student Company of the year competition. The Skills for the Future competition, which was patronized by Hyundai Motors Czech s.r.o., was taking place simultaneously.

Some of us had to arrive a little earlier due to complications during the transport of the loaned train seats. In the end however, we all gathered at the fair and built a booth in the style of a train compartment.

Just before sticking on the inner walls, we lost one due to a careless competitor from another company. We were under pressure and nervous but the accident did not unsettle us. Everything turned out great and we managed to impress the jury that visited our booth.

When they invited us to the podium, the hands of half of us were trembling. The presentation device has failed us in the middle of our presentation. But we managed it well and caught up with the delayed images in the presentation. After it, I felt even more tension as it was time for the panel discussion. I was perfectly prepared so I did not fear. Every one of us was perfectly prepared. But competition from other companies looked menacing.

The jury pushed our backs to the wall immediately and asked tricky questions. Thanks to our prior preparation and consulting with Ms. Mgr. Taťana Szlaurová and members of previous student companies, no questions surprised us, except one. When they asked us why we did not use the same manufacturer that produces pillows in Swiss trains, nobody knew exactly what to answer. Markéta saved the situation, when she recalled that in Switzerland they do not have pillows from memory foam and that therefore the reason for choosing our supplier were higher quality demands than they have in Switzerland. After the panel discussion, we were not confident. We have not sold a single piece yet, and it was in our view a great disadvantage compared to others who have were already selling their products.

After 3 PM, everyone began to gather around the stage. Announcement of the winners was about to come. It started a little late, but that only raised tension among students. Everyone was curious to see what happens. Less significant prizes were awarded first. For example, I would mention award for team spirit, best booth and the best financial management. But the main thing followed after. The Skills for the Future JA Company of the Year was announced, a competition in which it was all about creating a product concept into a car, and we could not believe our ears when we heard the name of our company which was on the first place. It was like a dream. Then it continued to the next major competition, JA Company of the Year. Our hopes to occupy the first place were small. We almost did not believe we could win both of them. But that is exactly what happened and we were extremely happy. We became the first company in the winning line of the Ostrava-Hrabůvka grammar school that achieved double success – we are going to represent the Czech republic both in June in Madrid and in July in Luzern!!!

This victory bound us to a long journey not only in the competition but also across the real market. The real success is, as I like to say, a functioning, stable and prosperous company, and in some areas we still have something to improve. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, and we too have gained a lot of experience at the fair. We believe we can finally reach even the international top level and get our school’s name into knowledge of the whole Europe.


A workshop of presentation skills took place in Ostrava on Tuesday, March 15. The place that was chosen for the workshop is one of the most interactive and most attractive in the country. It was the Svět techniky – Science and Technology centre. Members of our presentation team had the opportunity to hear about what is frequently done wrong in presentations but also what to focus on to make them interesting and beneficial. The workshop was led by a graduate of our school, Mrs. Ing. Vendula Rechová (JA Czech).

A little surprise was waiting for us after the theoretical part. We were allowed into the centre with a task to study a specific exposition and then present it in front of the others.

It was a great experience for me.  I worked in an unfamiliar environment with a stranger and under severe time pressure.

We drew the universe as a topic which was not really good thanks to my social sciences focus. We managed to somehow turn the topic in our favor and with some acting involved also to earn the best rating from the jury.

For all of us, the workshop was very useful, we now know what should we really pay attention to and how to properly prepare for the JA Student Company fair which will take place on April 14. in the Prague gallery Harfa.


The workshop of trade fair skills took place on Tuesday, March 22. Most of our presentation team (Petr Červenka, Tomáš Vojkůvka, Marek Tlolka, Katka Šugárková) took part in it together with professor Szlaurová. This event, which was mainly for students that will be taking part in the JA Student company of the year trade fair and also to the project Skills for the Future, was organized by JA Czech with cooperation from Hyundai. This time, lector Miloš Bárta, Sales & CRM Specialist from Hyundai Motor Czech, has spoken and given us a lot of useful tips which will surely come in handy on the April trade fair of JA Student companies in Prague. Through the day, he taught us both theoretically and practically how to present our company at the booth or how to reach and spark the interest of customers, sponsors and the jury. For example, we discussed the typology of customers that can be found at the fair. We wrote down everything and honestly believe that these obtained advices will be useful not only for the April competition but also in our future lives.


It is here! Our company finally got into the regional media! Czech train passengers will be probably soon travelling with our pillows and our regional reporter, TV Polar, has filmed a reportage about us and our efforts. I am almost getting goosebumps from this. Just a few months ago, we were a bunch of students that have no idea where are they headed in their lives and now we are tearing down the borders of student business.

Not only our company alone, but also the whole history of student companies from the Ostrava-Hrabůvka grammar school and the experience gained by our predecessors, has moved us forward. The previous company, fittingly named CzechIt, z. s., has focused on popularisation of generally not very liked technical disciplines among younger generations and I think they really succeeded. Of course the TV Polar dedicated a part of the reportage to their success as well.


In January we attended a workshop of presentation skills in Brno. This event was organised by JA Czech and the company Hyundai for students who attended the Skills for Future competition. The workshop itself should help us in the actual competition when we will be presenting in front of the judges. The leader of this event, Miloš Bárta, a Sales & CRM Trainings Specialist from the company Hyundai, said:  Students surprised me, they were well prepared for the workshop. They were excited so I did not have to talk them into anything. A lot of them are now presenting better than some adults. I am glad that I could help with this project and I enjoyed working with these students.”


Six companies attended this workshop and we gained a lot of useful experience and we also learned how to make listeners really pay attention to us. We received feedback after we showed off our skills. The excellent thing about it was, that the specialist did provide not only theoretical but also practical tricks and advices.


Our company went on an excursion into the Hyundai motor manufacturing Czech s.r.o in Nošovice. In a little bus they took us on a trip through the whole area. During an hour and a half we learned a lot about the complicated process of creating a car. We used the freshly gained knowledge while designing our own product.












With Christmas behind the door here comes the tradition of our school in the form of a volleyball competition. We did encounter a few problems while dealing with all the preparation, but overall everything went smoothly. All six teams did great and the spectators also looked like they were having a wonderful time.


This was the thirteenth school volleyball tournament and even despite this number being considered unlucky, it definitely did not affect the teams. Every single one of the teams did show not only their sport skills but also their creativity while coming up with the name for each individual team. During the finals the atmosphere was really intense but the class 7A8 managed to win with their team named Broken Skulls of Squirrels. The winners received tickets to LaserArena, gifts from the town of Ostrava and of course a delicious Chachar’s pizza.

You can watch a video on our facebook! We hoped that you enjoyed it as much as we did, thank you!



Petr Červenka and Tomáš Vojkůvka accompanied by our professor Taťana Szlaurová attended the presidents workshop in Zlín which is focusing on training young presidents of student-run companies.

„I learned how to assemble a well functioning team and how to motivate my employees to get great results.“ Said a president of a recently founded company. The project Skills for Future was explained to all attendants after a speech given by Jitka Bulantová. All student-run compaines can join this project if their product is oriented on the automotive industry. For these who will become a part of this project there is an opportunity to attend the competition Hyundai Award and compete with other students from Europe. This followed a presentation from Matěj Kapošváry, president of JA Alumnni who presented 10 advices on how to be a successful company. Jitka Bulantoví also said a few words on the topic how to lead the company. In the end the young presidents coud try themselves to present in front of the crowd. Motivated and with new experiences after the workshop we are excited to use this knowledge in real life.




The Christmas time is coming soon but not all people can enjoy this lovely time as we can. People who are affected by the war in Syria are fighting for their lifes daily and they lack the essentials such as food, clothes and medical help.

This is why Mgr. Vojtěch Vlček with the help of ChillUp created a charity event where we will raise money for charity to help these people in need. This will take place on the 9th of December and you can help by donating or buying some hand crafted gifts like bags or candles. You can also help by bringing some hand crafted gifts or some self-baked sweets for us to sell.

If you will be attending the Christmas concert the entry fee also goes to charity. This concert takes place in K-Trio in Ostrava on the 14th of December.

Thank you for your support.


The traditional Christmas volleyball tournament will take place in our school in a few weeks. This year it is all under our control which means you can be very excited for what we are preparing for you! Don’t forget to come and watch it with us on 18th of December.

The tournament is only for students of the last two years of our school. The information session for team leaders and the draw into groups will take place on the 8th of December. All of this in the school gym at 10:20 AM.

The winners will be able to enjoy a delicious Chachar’s pizza, they will also have the opportunity to play laser game in LASERARENA in Ostrava and will receive interesting prizes from the city of Ostrava.

At the end of the tournament we are also going to pick the best player who can expect great prizes from our sponsors.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!